Friday, July 17, 2009

Woman With Swirling Hair

~ Woman With Swirling Hair ~
Art Nouveau
Brass, NBS Medium

~ Woman With Swirling Hair ~
Back View

My nickname for this button is: Desire. I've viewed this button from many angles and in various qualities of light. Her expression is always slightly secretive, always seductive, and joyful. Sometimes her eyes appear shut, other times half closed. One wonders, when the artist created her, if he (or she) had a particular woman in mind. Some button art was inspired by a known painting or illustration. If anyone has any information about this button design, its artist, or its manufacturer, please let me know. The seller identified it as antique, and Art Nouveau. I actually own two of this button in excellent condition, and another with all of its one hundred year old patina, sadly, removed.

Image and Text © 2009 Anne AKA Once Upon A Button

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