Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Minerva: Mythology Button

~ Minerva ~
Brass and Silver Metal
Two Piece Construction
NBS Medium

~ Minerva ~
Back View

I acquired this button at a bargain price. The picture on the listing was blurred, but the price was right, and I took the chance on her as a compliment to the button, Winter. She arrived in perfect condition, in need only of a light buffing with a cotton cloth to remove old polish, which thankfully, hadn't destroyed her patina (It's best not to polish brass or metal buttons, but to carefully buff them). She is Minerva, goddess of wisdom, and patron of industry, agriculture and the arts. Note her dolphin helmet, the sheaves of wheat in her hair, and the head of Medusa worn at her breast. The pierced (openwork) button is in two parts. It is difficult to tell from the picture, but the brass Minerva is inset into silver metal.

Image and Text © 2009 Anne AKA Once Upon A Button

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