Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love's Messenger

Love's Messenger
Bird Delivering a Letter
to a Woman at a Window
Textured Background
NBS Large
Stamped and Pierced Brass

Love's Messenger
Button Back

This wonderful button depicts a woman at a window receiving a letter from a swallow. The button is made of stamped and pierced brass with a textured background. The brass is tinted black to create a nighttime scene. Notice the ornate window frame, the city rooftops and the clouds. I owe the title of this button and additional information to a member of the National Button Society, who looked the button up for me in the Big Book of Buttons. Thank you, Janelle!

Image and Text © 2009 Anne AKA Once Upon A Button


  1. What a beautiful button - a story in a gesture.
    I love your blog!!!

  2. Hi BeadRee, Thank you! I'll be posting more buttons soon. ~ Annie


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